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Marketing Mayor - Video Production

Video production services are available to those who are looking to transform their brand image and message into something visual and digital, but also memorable.

We provide professional video production services from start to finish so that you can have a compelling and innovative video that results in promoting your brand in a new and unique way. We offer everything from directing to editing and can even provide drone videography as well.


As mentioned before, we have experience in directing video productions and other videos that you were looking to transform into useful content for your business.

Our professional videographers can help you capture the right angles, utilize the right props and backgrounds, and even incorporate the right image and message into your video.

We usually recommend videos being quite short and concise so that you can get your message across in a brief yet memorable way.

Video Editing

After your video has been shot and produced, we then go on to video editing. Video editing requires attention to detail and precision so that we can cut out parts of the video that are relevant or take away from the main message that you are trying to advocate for.

Video editing also helps reduce the time and allows us to edit the imagery on each frame so that your video is stunning and equally entertaining. Video editing can take longer than actually shooting the video, but do not worry because we have the much-needed skills to do so.!

Video Production

Video production typically involves the process of creating the video from start to finish and turning it into something that you can use on various platforms to engage your audience.

We can assess by directing the video, writing the video, editing the video, and later formatting it so that is available for use on various platforms. The final step is incredibly important so that your video is not illegally distributed against your consent.

It also ensures that your video can be playable across platforms wherever you decide to distribute it. We are extremely experienced when it comes to commercial videography and have years of experience in creating beautiful content for our clients and customers!


Lastly, the main purpose of videography and using business videos for marketing purposes is to turn them into some form of commercial. With our extensive experience in creating stunning videography, we can help you build a compelling commercial from scratch.

Commercials are a great way to broaden your audience and you reach while also keeping viewers entertained. When your video combines the use of imagery, music, and script, it is therefore more relatable and memorable to those who are viewing it.

Your commercials can then be used as a new form of lead generation if clients decide to engage with your brand after viewing the commercial. Commercials can be used on various platforms including social media, your website, and even on television.

However you decide to utilize your commercial, we assist you in appropriately formatting the video so that it can be distributed across various platforms and reach more audience members that use those platforms.

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