Growing Up: The Unrealistic Dreams Of Childhood

When you think of dreams, often times, you think back to your childhood. Remembering all the things you wanted to do when “I grow up.” Along the way, life happened. At some point, your situation changed. Your dreams were still important, but so was your survival.

You always said you’d be a police officer like your father, but at this point, going through the academy and taking time off work at the factory isn’t an option. That big house you were going to live in with that nice car? Sure, you probably still have thoughts about it, but you’re fine with your upstairs apartment and Toyota. I mean, having a mansion and a Lamborghini is overrated anyway. Plus, if we’re being honest, it’s unrealistic anyway.


That damn word… unrealistic. I can’t stand it! defines unrealistic as, very simply, not realistic.

The biggest problem I have with this word? The negative power it’s infused with. Allow me to explain.

Life is about mindset. You can wake up everyday thinking anything is possible, or you can wake up everyday telling yourself so many things you dreamt of growing up are “unrealistic.” You can wake up and work toward a goal, or you can immediately throw in the towel by declaring what you seek in life just isn’t possible.

It’s a bunch of BS and as a society we need to change our mindset! We’ve been conditioned to settle. We’ve been told to be happy with what we have. We’ve developed a mindset that our dreams are not possible. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

To be clear, I’m not debating that you’re unhappy with your life or that you shouldn’t appreciate what you’ve been blessed with. However, I will debate the notion that your life wouldn’t be even better if you were in pursuit of some of the things you’ve always wanted. Your life is great now, but why can’t it improve? Your life is not so good at the moment, so why can’t it improve? Either situation, there is room to grow.

It’s time to shift our mindsets to the possible instead of the not possible. Realistic instead of unrealistic. If you give your heart and soul, if you put all your energy into something. If you make a decision to pursue a goal, and you commit everything you’ve got, you might be surprised what you’re capable of. The problem is that most won’t ever try. Most won’t take any risk. Majority are willing to settle.

Do you want to settle?

If your answer is yes, I would imagine most anything I say will not mean much. It’s your life, and you have the right to make your own choices. Nobody can take that away from you.

If your answer is no, I have a few questions for you. What are you waiting for? Is tomorrow a better time to start than today? Is next year better than this year? “Well, next year I will have more time, and I can be more focused. I’ll have more money saved up, and more flexibility in my job. Plus, next year I’ll bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.” MY GOODNESS, PLEASE JUST STOPPPPP!! The excuses are never ending!

The best time to start is now, no matter your situation!

What about this classic, “Well, I’m the type of person that wants to give 100% if I’m going to do something, so I just want to make sure I can give that.” So basically, what you’re telling me is that you are going to give 0% effort because you don’t feel you can give 100% effort? Sounds like a real recipe for progress, my friend!

I probably sound very sarcastic, possibly borderline annoying. I recognize that. However, that’s a chance I am willing to take if I can wake a few people up. Those who’ve been waiting to pursue something for FAR too long. Enough is enough. You can justify your actions (or lack of) with excuses or anyway you might choose, but the truth is that absolutely nothing is holding you back right now and your dreams are just sitting there patiently waiting for you.

Making a million dollars? Start with $500! Starting a business? Begin learning and planning! Breaking into a new career? Begin taking steps no matter how big or small. At least you’re doing something. Progress is a wonderful thing. Why is progress so great? Because right behind progress is a feeling every person loves to feel; Fulfillment.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It’s time to identify what might be holding you back and begin working to conquer that something. If it’s fear, I certainly understand. Take solace in this: you have the ability to overcome it. How? Change your mindset. Starting today. Starting now.

The time has come. It’s the beginning of a new era in your life. You came across this article for a reason, I assure you. Very few people across the world will stumble across this writing piece, and you think it’s an accident that it found you? And you read through the whole thing? It’s not. You needed a wake-up call, and you just got one.

Change your mindset, and begin changing your life.

From now on, nothing is unrealistic.

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