11 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You’re Obsessed With Success

We’ve been called weird. We’ve been called crazy. We’ve been told our dreams and goals are not realistic. The thing is, we don’t care.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re not completely obsessed with success, do not bother to read this article. You will not understand it.

Here are 11 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You’re Completely Obsessed With Success

1) Itch to work on the weekends
When you can’t get your mind off of becoming successful, you’ll find yourself thinking about work on the weekends. You can’t help it. You start to feel like sitting around watching television or basically doing anything unproductive is essentially keeping you further from your goals. I literally work every Sunday night unless I have a family obligation. I can’t help it. I’m obsessed.

2) Always trying to learn
From having conversations with people to reading books. From attending informational conferences to listening to audio recordings. The flow of information in the world is endless and you have aspirations to expose yourself to as much of it as possible. Any opportunity to learn and grow yourself, you take it.

3) Checking out other successful people
You want to see what other successful people are doing. It’s human nature when you have similar goals as those individuals to obtain high levels of success. You find yourself peaking in on the best of the best. You have aspirations to get there and hopefully, if you’re mindset is in the right spot, go above and beyond what those individuals you’re scouting are achieving.

4) Always thinking big
You aren’t trying to work at the bank, you want to run the bank. You’re not trying to work at the hotel, you want to own the hotel. You don’t want to make a little bit more money next year, you want to make way more. It’s in your nature to think big about everything.

5) It’s your business and/or goals first, and then everything else
This doesn’t mean you don’t care about your family or friends. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about bathing yourself and having fun once in a while. It simply means, you devote the majority of your time to bring you closer to your ultimate goals. Often times, other people in your life will struggle to understand this notion, but it’s how our minds think. There is nothing wrong with that.

6) Checking the numbers
I probably check my stocks, company revenue, company expenses, money coming in and money going out, and basically anything else number related an insane amount of times everyday. You want to see those numbers go up and it’s a great feeling when they do (expect for the expenses, most of the time you enjoy seeing those numbers drop).

7) People think you’re crazy
A majority of people do NOT think like we do. Most people are content with average and mediocre. It doesn’t make them bad people or us good people, it’s just life. We are all created different. When you tell them you want to make 10 million dollars by age 40 or you plan to own 20 rental properties in the next few years, they look at your cross-eyed. They can’t fully grasp how big we think. They can’t comprehend to the level of which we are obsessed with success.

8) The wheels in your brain turn all the time
When you hear a good idea, you’re immediately intrigued. It’s like you’re naturally drawn to it. The wheels in your head instantly start turning and you begin to think of ways to leverage the idea or situation. “Well, if I switch this around, and do this, it might be a long shot, but I think we can definitely pull it off.” Sound familiar?

9) There is no doubt in your mind that you’ll succeed
If you’re truly obsessed with success, you’re past the point of having any doubts of reaching your goals. It’s not if, it’s when. You are 100% certain that you will achieve what set out to accomplish. It’s actually to the point where you believe you are born to do great things — and that’s because you are.

10) When everyone is breaking down, you stay steady
When it seems the world is falling down around you, you continue to push through it without batting an eye. You know you’re purpose and regardless of what happens, you’ll get there. Others around you are panicking and they can’t figure out how you’re not freaking out. Well, because you already know the end result will be what it’s meant to be and you’re accepting of that.

11) You will NEVER settle for average
It’s actually not even in your vocabulary. Living in mediocrity is not even an option for you. It’s all or nothing — and you know for certain it will be all. You want your cake and you want to eat it too — and you will. You know for a fact you were placed on this earth to be special. To be great. You will never ever settle for less.

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