Hire A Social Media Company: Here Are Some Options

Hire A Social Media Company: Here Are Some Options

Should you hire a social media company? When you really take a step back, you can break it down to four options you have as a business owner:

1) Ignore social media
2) Hire someone on-staff to handle your social media
3) Do the social media yourself
4) Hire a professional social media marketing agency

Now, let’s take a moment to dissect each of the 4 options you have as the leader of a company.

Ignore social media –

I’m not sure I need to say too much here. If you are paying any bit of attention to the world around you, it’s apparent that people’s eyes are glued to their smartphones, spending hours per day scrolling their social media feeds. As a business, isn’t your goal to get your business where the eyes of the consumer are? Ignoring social media is going to immediately put your business behind your competition who is surely taking advantage of targeted Facebook ads, promoted Instagram posts, and flashing their brand all over social media. To be blunt. get your business on social media or expect to fall into the 95% of small businesses that fail within the first five years.

Hiring someone on-staff at your business to handle social media –

Now, this can certainly be a very good option. The thing is, what usually happens in my experiences is that business owners task current employees with running the company social media. This comes on top of everything else that person is already responsible for. Most underestimate just how difficult running just a single social media page is. Actually, let me restate that. Most business owners do not realize how difficult running an effective social media page is. It’s essentially a full-time job (which is why hiring a professional social media company is something you should consider), and throwing it onto the task list of an already overwhelmed employee is never going to work.

The only companies doing it right are the those who hire an professional social media company, or hire a full-time marketing expert on-staff specifically for social media (yes, that means an annual salary of around $40-$70k for that person).

I do the social media myself –

“I know how to post to Facebook, and plus I know the business the best anyway. I’ll just do it.” So you’re going to find time to run an effective social media campaign on top of the 70+ hours you are already putting in? I’ve seen this situation over and over again. Business owners are certainly capable of a lot, but we are not superhuman. What ends up happening is the Facebook page ends up getting posted to about once a month. The page has no direction, no momentum, no growth, and no engagement. All those things add up to no sales or brand awareness generated from social media. As a business owner, you’re already responsible for so many sectors of the business. Don’t try and take on another one.

Hire a professional social media agency –

For cheaper than it would cost you to hire someone on staff, you get an entire team of professionals. When you hire a social media company, you get a content specialist, graphic specialist, someone monitoring your page 24/7, someone setting up your ads, and a project manager making sure it all flows together. You get campaign ideas from a whole group of experienced marketers, instead of just one. And again, you get all of that for a cheaper price. I

realize it’s scary hiring an outside agency, but with a social media tailored agency such as Marketing Mayor, you will find our customer service is above and beyond what you’ve probably grow to expect from the average marketing agency. You are part of the entire process and we speak with you daily (we even have a texting line, because most people in 2017 prefer texting!). Marketing Mayor currently works with some of the most reputable companies in the country (we’ve been doing business with Harley-Davidson for almost four years!), and you can expect to see serious results when you give us a shot to ramp up your social media. Hopefully, you’re willing to give us a call at 716-322-0114, or shoot us a message here on our website, and at least have a conversation with us!

There you have it. Four options you can choose to take as a direction for your business’s social media presence. We hope you choose to work with our team of professionals at Marketing Mayor, but either way, we hope you find success with your company, and appreciate you taking the time to read this article!hire-a-social-media-company

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