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Marketing Mayor - Drone Photography

Drone photography it’s becoming more and more popular because of the versatility that drones offer for photography and videography. Not only can a drone reach certain heights to capture stunning images, but the drone can also be controlled from the ground so that the images that you are looking to capture are more readily available to you.

No image is unattainable when it comes to using a drone. We use drones to capture outdoor images, nature images, images from heights, as well as other specialty images that are intended to help fulfill the aesthetic of your brand. Many architects use drone photography to scale tall buildings and capture better imagery, while others may simply use drones for the quality of photos that they can produce.

The options with aerial photography are endless and we help you seek them out with our aerial photography services! Visit to learn more!

Why Use Drones

We advocate for using drones for photography because they are able to capture a different kind of imagery that a standard camera cannot. We enjoy using drones because of the different angles they can capture in the wider frames that they have.

For this reason, Jones is very versatile and can provide stunning imagery that is therefore useful on various platforms and for various purposes with regards to your marketing strategies.

Website Photos

Website photos can be generated using drone photography. We use drone photography to capture a wide range of images that can later be used on your website and social media platforms. These website photos can also be edited and accompanied by the necessary visuals that help drive home the aesthetic an image that your brand is looking to promote.

Having a range of website photos to choose from can also ensure that your website is never outdated and you always have stunning graphics to choose from for future campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and other marketing tools.

Photo Editing

Like video editing, we also provide photo editing. Photo editing is slightly different than video editing because it does not require overlapping the frames and having to reduce time or add sound adjustments.

However, photo editing requires special attention to detail so that the color balances in the brightness of the image are as you see fit. Furthermore, photo editing can also be used to take away parts of an image or add details that were not previously captured in the picture before.


Lastly, using drone photography is an innovative way to help your brain stand out. Your imagery and photography will be memorable amongst clients who engage with your brand on any platform. Your photography can be used and formatted to fit any platform so that you can create a brand image that is memorable and recognizable.

We can also assist in capturing photos that are unique and distinct to your brand. With drone photography, we can do more than simply take a picture, we can transform the imagery used to help your brand stand out.

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