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Why Social Media? Why Marketing Mayor?

When executed properly, social media marketing puts the perfect pair of eyes directly on your business every single time. Marketing Mayor isn't "corporate." We actually give a crap about our clients. We make it easy for you. You can text us anytime. We call you every week. On top of all that, you'll receive an awesome product.
In business, it’s about people.
It’s about relationships.

It’s 2019 and times have changed. Technology is a profound part of our lives. People are fast-forwarding television commercials with their DVR, they’re listening to Pandora or XM Satellite and turning off the radio, and they’re not looking at billboards because they are too busy texting and driving (scary, we know!). One thing is for sure, people are on their phones, they are checking their social media, and they’re doing it A LOT! Why wouldn’t you want your business to have a strong and prominent social media presence?

Often times, business owners are busy doing other things, like running their business! Let us take care of everything from custom content design to professional page monitoring. We also implement high-level ad placement directed specifically to your target customers using the endless information we can collect from online users! If you're looking to target mothers in Chicago, Illinois, with 2 kids, who love the Chicago Blackhawks, enjoy cooking, and make $45,000 a year.... well, we got you covered!

  • Percentage Of Business Owners Who Spend Less Than 1 Hour Per Week Managing Social Media

  • Percentage Of US Population With At Least One Social Media Account

  • Number Of Hours On Average Teens Spend On Social Media

  • Number Of Times Per Day The Average Smart Phone User Checks Their Device


Key Team Players

Jacob Becker
Fearless Leader
Fascinated by entrepreneurship from a young age, Jacob is unafraid to proudly admit Marketing Mayor was founded from his bedroom in his parents’ home after finishing college. Jacob has an immense passion for business, family, sports, and marketing.
Matthew Wargin
King Relationship Builder
With a love for people, you can almost always find Matt talking to someone. He comes armed with an array of sales experience and an impressive drive to succeed. Matt also takes much pride in being an outdoors-man.
Denise Baco
Content Queen
Equipped with a mind that bleeds creativity, Denise never has trouble developing marketing concepts. In addition, she is a great client communicator and has a knack for customer service. Side note: Denise LOVES whitewater kayaking! A lot.
Joshua Smith
Tech Superstar
It’s pretty simple; Josh is really smart. Like, really smart. He can code, construct, construe, create, and craft everything from websites to television commercials and is an integral part of Marketing Mayor. Josh also loves to play hockey!
Shy Guy Shawn Vanpatten
Creative Genius
At times, you rightfully ponder what goes on inside his brain when he develops campaigns. However, one thing is for sure, he’s a very special talent who makes marketing masterpieces. Shawn also is a very popular and successful local DJ.
Ryan RanKan Kanowski
Chief Deal Maker
You never know what he’s up to, but he’s always working on some kind of deal! From people skills to business sense, Ryan is extremely talented. He is also very successful in the music industry as he travels the world and even DJ’s for Success Magazine.
Lia Colvin
Organizational Empress
Taina Kozell
She is a wonderful person and proud mother of a beautiful baby boy! From monitoring pages and ensuring no question goes unanswered, to developing reports showing our clients just how far they’ve come, she does it all! Taina also owns a really cool national dog cupcake business called Canine Cupcakes
Bob Voigt
IT Extraordinaire
Need help? Call Bob. Well, at least that’s what we do. Out of space? Call Bob. Having computer or phone issues? Call Bob. Need life advice? Call Bob. It should also be mentioned that if you play video games with bob, you will lose.
Drew Graziadei
We Don’t Know
Somewhere, Drew is on the prowl. We are all still trying to figure out exactly what it is he does, but he has been a huge contributor to the growth of Marketing Mayor and is a fantastic networker. Drew also is a Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and a successful local stand up comedian.

Our Services

Marketing Mayor implements a different philosophy than most companies. Our relationship with you becomes before EVERYTHING else. We believe you should feel comfortable and have complete trust in that we are putting our best foot forward to get your business the results you expect and deserve. Without communication, and trust, in today’s world, we have nothing. Technically, you’re a client, but more importantly, you’re a friend. When we tell you “We’re In This Together,” we mean it.

Established in 2012, Marketing Mayor is a 5-year-old company specializing in social media marketing, website design, digital advertising, and aerial photography. These new online platforms have altered marketing approaches and can help take your business to another level. Using the internet and understanding how to leverage platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has never been more important to business success. The online world offers an opportunity for you to expose your business to thousands or millions of people who are most interested in your product or service. Simply creating a page and beginning to post will never deliver you tangible results. Instead, consider working with the highly experienced and friendly experts at Marketing Mayor so we can help you directly connect with your customers in a way never before witnessed in history.

Teach us about your business and your goals. The more we learn about you, the better we can create the perfect campaign.


Allow our team to meet together, brainstorm some ideas, and develop a plan specifically for your business.


We will prepare a campaign filled with custom samples based on the research and information we previously collected.


We will execute the campaign and continuously make any necessary upgrades. We also are in constant contact with you every step of the way.


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We Love Our Clients

It goes like this...If we do a good job, you don't fire us. When that happens, the marketing is working, and we both make more money. The end.

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